British cars meeting in Morges (Switzerland): plenty of TVRs

As every year in the beginning of october there was the British Car Meeting at Morges near the wonderful Lake of Geneva, Switzerland.
This year there were celebrated three important annivrsaries: 110th birthday of the founder Sir William Lyons, 30 years of the Delorean und naturlich 50 years of the Jaguar E-Type.

There are about 1500 cars at this meeting, on of the two big meetings for British Cars – Mollis at august and Morges at october.

Her is a selection of the TVR’s we have seen:

- TVR Sagaris LHD (car n. 5 of the Register of TVR Sagaris Left Hand Drive)
- TVR Sagaris RHD in a very original green paint
- TVR Tuscan S MK1 (car n.33 of the Register of TVR TUSCAN LHD)
- TVR Tuscan S MK2 (car n.1 and probably car n.65 of the Register of TVR TUSCAN LHD)
- TVR Griffith 500 SE LHD (car n.3 of the Register of TVR GRIFFITH LHD)
- TVR Griffith RHD
- TVR Chimaera 500 RHD and LHD (2 NEW cars for the Register of TVR CHIMAERA LHD)
- TVR Tamora RHD
- TVR 350i
- Trident

[words and images by Werner Jelk]

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