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TVR Find of the day: former Smolenski’s TVR Tuscan S MK2 with Left Hand Drive “was” for sale

Former Nikolai Smolenski's TVR Tuscan S MK2 4.0 (s/n SDLEA16AX5B001033, engine n.P6404053) with Left Hand Drive "was" for sale at Alan Macdonald Sports Cars in Edinburgh. Surprisingly this Left Hand Drive example (car n.8 of the Register of TVR Tuscan with Left Hand Drive) "succeeded" in reach the north of UK and was for sale in Scotland. On the classified ad it was written this car was built in December 2004 and currently has run for only 12.000 kms. In the beginning this car had a CSI Read more [...]

Are you car n.40 of the Register of TVR Tuscan with Left Hand Drive?

I would love to have been advised any time a TVR with Left Hand Drive changes its owner. That would be a great help in keeping on tracing on any unit. The Registers of LDH TVRs are a great service for sellers/buyers as they are THE ONLY ONES WORLDWIDE. They can be a strong push towards the rise of the LHD units as collectibles. For example: on Jan 4th 2012 someone took these images in Dusseldorf. They picture a TVR Tuscan MK2 with left hand drive and German plate (E: GB 71). Unfortunately Read more [...]

Into the wild: the TVR Tuscan MK2 LHD is gorgeous

After having spent many many months at an independent dealer in Tuscany without anyone would become aware of her, finally a TVR lover saw this beautiful TVR Tuscan MK2 LHD. Car n.10 of Register of TVR Tuscan with Left Hand Drive (for a comparison look at the cockpit's trim & color) was finally shipped in northern Europe by his new, proud, and deeply in love owner. According to images, after some months with her preserving its pristine look, this wonderful Tuscan MK2 with Laser blu paint Read more [...]

EVERYODY FREEZE: here is unit n.69 of the Register of TVR Tuscan with Left Hand Drive

TVR Unofficial Blog | TVR Tuscan S MK2 Left Hand Drive
I'm proud to announce that here we have car n.69 of the Register of TVR Tuscan with Left Hand Drive. This car was built, as the classified says, in May 2005 and has a reflex green paint. The cockpit shows white leather seats with dark green fabric. As the ad claims, this Tuscan S MK2 has run for a mere 34.500 kms and comes for 58.900 CHF which means 48.500 euros. That's an interesting price considering this is one of the rare 69 LHD Tuscans ever built (until new units will emerge from Read more [...]

NEWS on a TVR Tuscan MK3 Left Hand Drive (maybe the last one?!?) that was for sale in Belgium

TVR Unofficial Blog | TVR Tuscan MK3 Left Hand Drive
Thanks to the fundamental contribution of TVR Unofficial blog's readers, I can update regularly the blog with new info on the events of many cars. It's fair to say the TVR Unofficial Blog gives a great contribution for anyone who is looking for info. That's even more important as concerns Left Hand Drive units because they're so rare and prices are... "important" when they are on the market. This time I can give you new facts on car n.60 of  the Register of  TVR Tuscan with Left Hand Read more [...]

TVR Tuscan S MK1 Left Hand Drive in a gorgeous red livery: and with a new proud owner!

TVR Unofficial Blog | TVR Tuscan S MK1 Left Hand Drive
Markus is the new proud owner of car n.32 of the Register of TVR Tuscan with Left Hand Drive, a great TVR Tuscan S MK1. This rare red example, was posted recently for sale here on the blog. He informed me he purchased the car in order to let me update the register. As I’m a journarlist and people of this professional category aren’t unable to mind their own business, my question was rather inevitable: “"WHY" you chose a TVR? Just for curiosity or you're a "serious" TVR enthusiast? And Read more [...]

TVR fruit salad: a TVR Sagaris or T350C with Left Hand Drive is for sale in Switzerland

TVR Unofficial Blog | TVR Sagaris / T350C with left hand drive
Maybe someone at M&B Automobile AG (former TGE, official Swiss TVR importer) forgot to use some tobacco for "what" he would have smoked. So here we have for sale maybe the strangest modern TVR  ever: it's a TVR T350 in the front, it's a TVR Sagaris in the back (without the rear wing), it has the last type of instrument cluster but the first kind of rear exhausts (the side ones). The funniest particoular is rearward "Sagaris" badge and "T350C" plate on the door sills. This very Read more [...]

A very nice shooting from Switzerland

TVR Unofficial Blog | TVR Photoshooting with Tuscan and Sagaris
Werner from Basel sent me some very nice shots he did: "Last year i had the possibility to do a private photosession for Beat Eggimann, Sissach, leading garage in Switzerland for TVRs and other sportscars. We wanted to create a calendar for his customers as a present. The best thing was that we had also a phantastic day with phantastic cars and a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the pictures". You can recognize three TVR Sagaris (and one of them is a rare LHD), a TVR Tuscan Convertible, Read more [...]

TVR Tuscan MK3 Left Hand Drive: some old shots during assembling

TVR Unofficial Blog | TVR Tuscan MK3 Left Hand Drive at Blackpool facility during assembly
Ivo from Brasschaat (Belgium) sent me some fantastic images of his TVR Tuscan MK3 Left Hand Drive when it was being assembled at Blackpool facility in spring 2006. He and a friend of his bought both a TVR Tuscan at TVR Belgium and picked them up at the factory. Ivo was at the factory for a visit and had an exciting experience with his baby in the nursery. Ivo's red Tuscan stayed with him until nowadays and currently the car is FOR SALE. So if you like this car and could be interesting Read more [...]

TVR Tuscan MK1 with left hand drive. Maybe this is car n.25 of the Register of LHD Tuscans

TVR Unofficial Blog | TVR Tuscan MK1 with Left Hand Drive
Maybe I found some images of the TVR Tuscan MK1 n. 25 of the Register of TVR Tuscan with Left Hand Drive. It's, IMHO, a very nice car for its total black trimming: black paint, black wheels, black leather in the whole cockpit. Read more [...]