Le Mans Classic 2012: TVRs on the main straight of the track

I was at Le Mans for the Le Mans Classic 2012: it’s hard to say which is the best between it and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. At Le Mans I never saw so many Caterhams, Marcos, Cobras and GT40 replicas together!

I was so happy to find out the TVR Car Club of France organized a meeting here, and many English cars crossed the Channel to be here. On saturday morning, while I was at the paddock, I attended some free laps with many British cars.

And the show the TVRs gave me was exciting. Every car, starting from a TVR 450 SE, through Griffiths, Chimaeras, Cerberas, Tamoras, Tuscans (there was also one of the last LHD units ever built) and to the Sagaris (which poorly had a bad accident just in front of me) run at very high speed.

The best sound I got? The Cerberas!

Here are some panning shots I got while they flyed along the finish line of the tracks.

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