New life at TVR! New services, the TVR Tuscan 4

It seems to be new real life at TVR even if many things change. The factory closed in 2006 after it was sold by former owner Peter Wheeler in 2004 to Nikolai Smolenski. In July 2009 a supposedly new TVR Sagaris MK2 was created and introduced at TVR Car Club of Great Britain’s headquarter. But after this car, no other things happened. In 2011 a new story emerged: TVR would have restart production with a new TVR MD1, an evolution of the Tuscan Spider with GM LS9 engine. This was confirmed by Nikolai Smolenski himself during an interview to a Swiss magazine. Recently I heardt that the car should be introduced in 2012 at Geneva Motor Show.

New services on TVR official site
If you click on TVR website at you’ll be introduced to what seems totally a new restart of the business. The first change: TVR headquarters is now in Austria: the address is TVR GmbH, Braungasse 22, 1170 Vienna, Austria.

The company offers (click on “Current Models”) you two kinds of services:
1) Reborn TVR with full factory warranty
2) new cars.

In both cases the new engine used is an American V8 6.2L 426 bhp 420 lb/ft which is coupled with a 5 speed gearbox. Furthermore, it’s interesting to notice that the new Austrian TVR tries to maintain “something” English (of course, except for the philosphy of new cars): the technical partner of the new business is TVR Power, a fundamental garage for all TVR owners.

The TVR Tuscan 4
An explicit mention is given to a totally nw model, which of course is surely the TVR MD1 we have being been heardt for months. But this time this car (whose name is probably a project code) has it’s official name: TVR Tuscan 4. The car appear still as a model but the layout is confirmed: the TVR Tuscan 4 will be surely a spider. The body seems to recall the TVR Typhoon (which whould have been introduced at 2007 Geneve autoshow)

But the model range maybe will be even reacher as in the same page there are several scketches of new models that could be on the way. The nost interesting one is a pictured named TVR Tuscan GT which sould undoubtely be the coupé/targa version of the TVR Tuscan 4.



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