New Models: how about a TVR Sagaris Speed12?

The design of the “next” TVR Sagaris could start from here. This exercise was created by Roman Skokow an Industrial design student in England.

Proportions of a classic TVR were perfectly respected: long front part, rearward cockpit, compact tail. The car seems to be extremely low and wide.

Thinking about the mighty Cerbera Speed12, I think it could be very interesting to try to imagine a TVR Sagaris Speed12. TVR could surely try to create a very special competitor of the Aston DBS or the Ferrari 599.

After all, Wheeler’s TVR realized the Cerbera Speed12 to express the great potential of the factory in races. It’s a pity it was affected by its common problem: unreliability.

But if you’re going to amaze the world it’s necessary to show what you’re capable of. If the new company could really resurrect, maybe people at TVR could “imagine” to create something very special: an astonishing model in a very limited run (up to 5 units).

Layout: carbon fiber monocoque chassis, mid-front Speed12 V12 engine, carbon fiber body, 6-speed semiautomatic gearbox, 1.200 kilos. And Maybe the typical TVR design could be interpreted by a very special design house (Zagato?) whose production was primarily race-oriented.

[thanks to CHRIS from France for the tip]


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