Pic of the day: I’m sure I couldn’t have any doubt!

I had the chance to drive both.

And with the “orange” one, believe or not, I set my personal record: 307 km/h (190,7 mph).

The Aventador is incredible: it boasts an endless energy in every gear and its skill to drive through any curve at incredible speeds is massive. It weighs nearly 1.600 kilos but its agility is fantastic thanks to its perfect balance. Drive position is perfect, everything surrounds you perfectly so you can drive with it for a thousand kilometer with no stress.

It gives you always the clear sensation to have everything in your hands. So it’s rather easy to forget you have 700 hp under your ass.

The Cerbera is a beast since the starting of the engine: the V8′s roar pinches your nerves and declares clearly that it’s not like the other supercars. It’s a fantastic voice: deep, powerful, angry, something its competitors cannot trasmit to your mind (BMW M3, Audi R8, Aston Martin Vantage, Maserati Granturismo. Maybe the Ferrari 430…).

The Cerbera seems it was not built for your body but you are daring seat inside it to “try” to drive it. But you always feel that it’s not quite easy.

So noisy, so rather uncomfortable, so hot, so fast. When you pushes the gas pedal down that’s like a storm that suddenly explodes.

And if you think about the maximum power you can expect is “only” 420 hp from the Cerbera 4.5…


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