The TVR Griffith RACER

All TVR lovers know the race version of the TVR Tuscan. The Tuscan Racer was introduced at NEC f Birmingham in 1988. Peter Wheeler, in the beginning, thought to revive the Tuscan name for a new road going model but eventually the car became a racer with totally a new chassis (in comparison with the 350i Wedge’s one) and V8 engine.

This car debuted in its own Race championship, the Tuscan Challenge, which is held still on nowadays.

This Griffith was shown at the Auto Moto Retro 2012 in Rouen, France in last september. This car belongs to an person willing to race for fun. He had his car modified by a garage called Meca Retro Sport who mostly work on vintage Renault Alpine, but also work on Ferrari, Aston Martin and TVR (and many more). Here are the main changes :
Modification of the bonnet

Removing the windshield
Manufacturing tonneau covers
Installing a safety arch (Renault spider)
Changing lights front and rear
Complete removal of the inside
Manufacture of a new interior with a new dashboard
New upholstery
Removing fuel injection and mounting carburetors
Complete removal of catalysts
Many thanks to Meca Retro Sport for communicating on this unique model. There’s a a Jaguar D aura in it so it could be easy to fly with one’s own imagination and see it during the 24 Hours of Le Mans… Dreams only for TVR aficionados.

Thanks to Chris from France for the tip


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