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Coppa Intereuropa Monza 2010 – Photo Shooting: TVR T350T

I'm collecting informations for a Register of the Italian TVRs (if you, Italian enthusiasts, saw a TVR in Italy please let me know with a mail at and try to remember model, location, colour and city plate or the "targa"). It was really a fantastic meet in Monza: suddenly a TVR T350T in camaleon green arrived (it's said another car wander for Imperia in Liguria region). The car had green leather interior. As you can see by its plate, the car is located in Milan. The owner of Read more [...]

Coppa Intereuropa Monza 2010 – Photo Shooring: TVR Grantura MK3

The third TVR I had the chance to see in Monza was another TVR Grantura MK3. The car was paintd in red, an original solution despite this was the official color of Italian race cars. Was it a tribute?Anyway, of course the car looks great. Looking at it it easy (for an enthusiast) to fly with imagination to its past: these cars were driven directly through open roads (totally in race conditions) to the circuit. Here they raced their race and then they went back home with their own wheels again. It Read more [...]

Coppa Intereuropa Monza 2010 – Photo Shooting: TVR Grantura MK3

At Monza there was a second TVR Grantura MK3 in race trim to rival with actual rivals: Lotus 11, Lotus Elite, Alfa Romeo Giuliettas, Ginetta models and so on. The car was beautiful in white paint with dark green stripes. During their period, TVR Grantura, the first "serious" car produced by the factory of Trevor Wilkinson, could be fitted with several engines like MG, Ford, BMC, Coventry Climax... Read more [...]

Coppa Intereuropa Monza 2010 – Photo Shooting: TVR Grantura MK3

Coppa InterEuropa Monza 2010 called many important vintage cars from the entire world. TVR was well represented. Here is the first of three TVR Grantura MKIII prepared for races. The car looked very well preserved and extremely "British" thanks to the racing green paint. In the cockpit there was a fantastic smell of vintage. This wonderful example came from Scotland. Read more [...]

Coppa Intereuropa Monza 2010: Photo Shooting – TVR Vixen S2

Another one car of the TVR Car Club of Italy: this is a TVR Vixen S2 with double paint (red and Silber) in stunning conditions. Body, interior and engine looked very good. That's really positive: as real fans of TVRs member of the Italian TR Club want to share the whole story of the brand. Of course the club has other cars: among them there's another Vixen, a Griffith 200 and a 3000M. Read more [...]

Coppa Intereuropa Monza 2010 – Photo Shooting: TVR Cerbera Speed6

The second car whose owner is a member of TVR Car Club of Italy is a TVR Cerbera Speed-6 in blue paint and white leather. The car was in great conditions, proudly showed by its owner to Coppa Intereuropa's visitors. It was really strange: there aren't so many TVRs in Italy but there was great interest around this car. People stopped at TVRCC of Italy's stand, asked for informations, made compliments to owners... Read more [...]

Coppa Intereuropa Monza 2010 – Photo Shooting: TVR Griffith 500

Coppa Intereuropa Monza 2010 is the main one in Italy and one of the most important events for vintage cars in entire Europe. This year TVR Car Club of Italy was officially present. Starting from this post here are some images of the members' cars. Images show a rare example of a TVR Griffith 500 with left hand drive. According to the owner, in Italy were officially imported 16 TVR Chimaeras and Griffiths. This car is one of the later: 320 hp (first units produced 340), air conditioning and powersteering. Read more [...]