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Video: TVR Cerbera 4.5 MK2 vs Dodge/Chrysler Viper GTS

TVR Unofficial Blog | TVR Cerbera 4.5 MK2 vs Chrysler / Dodge Viper GTS
Steve Sutcliffe of Classic & Sports cars magazine makes a very nice comparison between a TVR Cerbera MK2 (the featured car in the video is a great 4.5 MK2) and the Coupé Version, the GTS, of the mighty American Viper. JUST ASTONISHING! That's the conclusion Steve Sutcliffe gives pointing out the facts of the Cerbera: "something" between 400 and 440 hp, 1 ton weight, flat plane crank engine, and after cocluding his speech with a "really, really fast" he says "have a listen to this!". Read more [...]

EVERYBODY FREEZE: Another TVR Cerbera with LEFT HAND DRIVE emerges! And it’s (hopefully) a Lightweight

TVR Cerbera 4500 Left Hand Drive for sale price
When I saw it I could not believe it! But that's it! This is another TVR Cerbera with Left Hand Drive. The Register of TVR Cerbera Lef Hand Drive is currently formed only by 7 cars. This car is for sale in Embrach (north of Zurich) at M&B Automobile AG. Reading the few info they add on the car it seems this company could be former TGE Garage, Swiss official TVR importer. This Cerbera is very interesting for several aspects: already said: it'a a Left Hand Drive. Furthermore: it's a Cerbera Read more [...]

EVERYBODY FREEZE – TVR Cerbera MK2: ALL 4.5 are Lightweights?

TVR Cerbera 4500 Red Rose Lightweight
I already wrote several times about the TVR Cerbera Lightweight. I think this particoular version deserves a great attentio by any TVR fellows. That's  why I created the Register of TVR Cerbera Lightweight. It grown up throught the months with many units despite a serious TVR enthusiast (and former technician at Blackpool facility) is sure that ONLY 6 genuine Lightweights are said to be ever produced. But recently, around the great example pictured in this post, a new theory emerges. The Read more [...]

For the umpteenth time: a TVR Cerbera Lightweight

Another (supposed) TVR Cerbera 4.5 MK2 Lightweight was recently for sale (and it's now sold). V748 DBR is a rare Formula Red Cerby eith 40.500 miles on the tacho and was owned by a local TVR CC member. So you have a sort of "not-written" warranty as you can be sure it was well maintained. Other things about her: Magnolia Hide, Dark Red Carpets with Magnolia Piping, Factory Headlamp Conversion, Latest Rear Lights, Air Conditioning, Hydratrak, 18inch Team Dynamics Racing Alloys, Upgraded Perforated Read more [...]

Another one TVR Cerbera 4.5 (Supposed) Lightweight is for sale

Another TVR Cerbera 4.5 MK2 Lightweight (they say) is for sale (advertised HERE). This 2001 unit has currently 28.000 miles and comes for 17.950 GBP. The owner says it has A1 with an exhaustive file of bills including: - Recent 6k service.(12k inc. tappets done 5k ago) - Short induction and custom remapp (standard pipes and chip available) - Raceproved Lightened flywheel (standard available) - Raceproved improved slave cylinder - Raceproved clutch - Raceproved large bore linked stainless Read more [...]

Le Mans Classic 2012 – TVR Car Club of France’s meeting: the Cerberas

"At least" 4 TVR Cerberas (both MK1 and MK2) were at Le Mans. And the most exciting thing was to listen to them during the free laps along the circuit. Two of them gave really a thrilling sound coming from their V8 AJP engine. Something that could not be explained but surely it was something fantastic. It's easy to think that modern Ferraris' exhaust sound is the best ever. But this is the result of a complicated technical procedure and, most of all, this is a product of marketing laws. Look Read more [...]

A TVR Cerbera Lightweight (they say!) is for sale in Switzerland

TGE Autotechnik GmbH, former TVR importer claims to have a very special TVR for sale. According to the people at the swiss dealer-garage this is a Cerbera 4.5 Lightweight: v8, 4,475 cc, 420 hp, 1.100 kilos. The car, yellow paint and yellow/blu leather was registered for the first time in June 2001. Currently she has 42.600 kms on the tacho. Surely they are pretty sure this is one of the supposed only 6 TVR Cerbera MK2 Lightweight ever built: infact they ask 49.900 CHF (more than 41.000 euros). Being Read more [...]

TVR Cerbera: one of the last made is for sale

Time goes by and everything gets older. And all TVR fans know that "the younger, the better". So here is a very interesting car for sale. That's a TVR Cerbera 4.2 MK2 which was built in 2004 (it's advertised HERE). Here's the ads: Full tvr service history, ice titainium metalic, black leather, ice cold aircon, heated front and rear screens. Nitrons and a geo set up. Alloy rad , stainless water rails and upgraded water hoses. Recent (100miles) new clutch and slave. Recent rolling road Read more [...]

TVR Photoshooting: TVR Cerbera MK2 4.5 Lightweight

Maybe this is a very rare TVR Cerbera 4.5 MK2 Lightweight. I've been being told for weeks that supercar market, at least here in Europe, isn't performing so well. Ferrari sales are dropping here in Italy, Aston Martins and Bentley Continentals are following the same path. Official Porsche Centers are withdrawing 997s at ridicoulus prices (and now you can afford a 2005 997 Carrera for 35-40.000 euros). I think in the future people will be even more awared that collectibles cars will have to Read more [...]

TVR Buying guide: TVR Cerbera 4.2 or 4.5?

TVR Cerbera MK1, TVR Cerbera Mk2, TVR Cerbera 4.2, TVR Cerbera 4.5, TVR Cerbera Speed-6, TVR Cerbera 4.5 Red Rose, TVR Cerbera 4.5 Lightweight Red Rose... Which could be the one which could satisfies us completely? The TVR Cerbera was introduced for the first time in 1994 at Birmingham Motor Show. It was on the road in 1996 and produced until 2005. It was totally a new car: after the TVR Griffith and the TVR Cerbera, Peter Wheeler wanted a new model which were more GT focused: coupé body, Read more [...]