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TVR European meeting at Zolder: another photo album

Alexander van Boekholdt, a Dutch TVR lover, has a wonderful TVR T350T Blueprinted Red Rose. He was at Zolder at the end of June for the European meeting and, as a talented photographer, he took many images of the show. So, after the previous photo-report coming officially from TVR Car Club of Holland, here is, from another point of view, a collection of images that tell us the story of the most interesting continental TVR event of this year. Dutch, German, French and English guys enjoyed Read more [...]

European TVR meeting 2012 at Zolder: a photo report

The TVR Car Club of Holland is probably the best TVR Car Club outside England (German and French gentlemen? What do you think about it?). There are two main reasons: the small village of Alphen aan den Rijin is considered the Dutch Blackpool due to the great number of TVRs you can find along its streets. And the Dutch enthusiasts, every year, organize the largest TVR meeting of Europe. The 2012 edition of the event at Zolder track was of course a success. Dutch TVR Car Club's member Matthijs Read more [...]

Le Mans Classic 2012: another perspective

French TVR enthusiast Chris sent me some images of his perspective of the Le Mans Classic 2012. It's fair to say that finally even in the Continental Europe we succeded (after the great European meeting in Holland in the end of June) in having a great event about TVRs. Thanks to Chris it's possible to see that I missed a wonderful TVR Sagaris from Holland, a great TVR Taimar in white/azure and a classic Tuscan with Gulf colors. As all enthusiasts came to know, recently Nikolai Smolensky said Read more [...]

Le Mans Classic 2012 – TVR Car Club of France’s meeting: the classic models

Not only moderns: passion for TVR means also more than 60 years of British Motoring history. At the meeting TVR CC of France organized at Le Mans Classic 2012 there were also many classical models, and many of them were extremely rare and precious. Starting from the very early models there was a fantastic Grantura. Then attention of every TVR fan was surely caught by 4 TVR Vixens and a TVR Tuscan V6, in superb conditions. Close to them, the only one example of  the TVR Trident Roadster (among Read more [...]

Le Mans Classic 2012 – TVR Car Club of France’s meeting: the Cerberas

"At least" 4 TVR Cerberas (both MK1 and MK2) were at Le Mans. And the most exciting thing was to listen to them during the free laps along the circuit. Two of them gave really a thrilling sound coming from their V8 AJP engine. Something that could not be explained but surely it was something fantastic. It's easy to think that modern Ferraris' exhaust sound is the best ever. But this is the result of a complicated technical procedure and, most of all, this is a product of marketing laws. Look Read more [...]

Le Mans Classic 2012 – TVR Car Club of France’s meeting: the Tuscans

AAAAAAH, the incredible styling of a TVR Tuscan Speed 6: please try to find a modern car with such an exciting body. I'm not sure you won't find a more original body styling than the coupé-targa supercar from Blackpool. The meeting at Le Mans gave me the chance to admire a very nice Tuscan MK1 (she had the front low splitter of the Tuscan S Mk1), a TVR Tuscan MK2 in very nice raspberry color and a very interesting unit: the dark grey TVR Tuscan "MK3" is probably one of the last Tuscan Speed Read more [...]

Le Mans Classic 2012 – TVR Car Club of France’s meeting: the Griffiths

Same chassis and same engines of the TVR Chimaera. But thanks to a different body the TVR Griffith was a "different" TVR. In my personal opinion the best part of the car is the tail: simple, clean and with a very nice round shape. At Le Mans 2012 meeting I met two particoular units: a LHD and a very rare Griffith Special Edition (which is recognizable by the back lights) which looked even more aggressive with its black wheels. Surely the nicest Griffith of the group was a red car with Read more [...]

Le Mans Classic 2012 – TVR Car Club of France’s meeting: the Chimaeras

Starting from here, here is a selection of images I took at Le Mans classic in the space assigned to the TVR Car Club of France. The first photo album is dedicated to the TVR Chimaeras. Several units, all in superb conditions, but from France and UK, arrived at the Sarthe's circuit to share their passion with many other owners. As a "Continental European" I'd like to make you notice there were 3 (!) TVR Chimaeras with Left Hand Drive. It's always nice to see plenty of colours for the body Read more [...]

Le Mans Classic 2012: TVRs on the main straight of the track

I was at Le Mans for the Le Mans Classic 2012: it's hard to say which is the best between it and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. At Le Mans I never saw so many Caterhams, Marcos, Cobras and GT40 replicas together! I was so happy to find out the TVR Car Club of France organized a meeting here, and many English cars crossed the Channel to be here. On saturday morning, while I was at the paddock, I attended some free laps with many British cars. And the show the TVRs gave me was exciting. Every Read more [...]

TVR meeting from Luxembourg to Blackpool: let’s join!

P Y Augsburger is planning to organize in June 2012 a pilgrimage to Blackpool. They would  leave Luxembourg on Thursday (early in the morning) and drive to Calais, take the ferry to Dover and ultimately drive to Blackpool. They'll have the support for this event from the UK TVR Club in Blackpool. They will stay in Blackpool Friday and Saturday and are going to leave on Saturday afternoon in order to be back in Luxembourg on Sunday afternoon. The detailed program will follow soon. Any TVR enthusiast Read more [...]