TVR Cerbera vs. TVR Tuscan: which is the best?

You could be totally conquered by TVR and would like to choose the best one which fits with your driving style, your family needs (because don’t forget that a TVR Cerbera has two rear seats for you small treasures), your perception of a supercar.

The matter is between the most known modern TVRs, the TVR Tuscan and the TVR Cerbera: 2 seats vs. 2+2 seats, V8 AJP engine vs. Speed-6 engine.

So what could be the best one for you? and if you are on the market, which is the Best Tuscan? Which is the best Cerbera? Here are some opinions from both owners:

1) “the Tuscan is not as well planted but still a lot of fun the speed 6 delivers the power more free raving and fast enough

2) “The standard mk1 tuscan is quicker, as ever it is the way the engine delivers the power, free revving and relentless at the top end“.

3) “The Tuscan S MK1 compared to the LW 4.5 Cerb feels more free raving and faster (on normal roads), but also not that refined and planted as the Cerbera. The steering is much lighter in the Tuscan and makes it feel very nervous.
The Speed6 is not that torquey so you find yourself usually in a lower gear, as you would be in in the Cerb at the same speed. I find the Cerb much more convenient and relaxed to drive. Especially on long journeys it is very nice to be in the Cerbera”.

4)  ”The Tuscan is more civilised, and easier to drive in town, but looses some of the “special” feel that you get with the Cerbera, every drive an adventure. The TVR Tuscan feels a lot more modern, easier to live with, not as raw as the Cerb felt. It was more of a big go cart/ race car”.

5) First impressions of the Tuscan are that it is feels much more like a normal car than the Cerb. It does a lot of the things we take for granted in our “normal” cars far better than the Cerb. Its much more agreeable round town, more refined, better built (although this will vary from car to car) and easier to drive. Performance wise theres nothing in it, but the Cerbera is more planted and takes a little more provoking to get the tail wagging. This of course means that the Cerb’s performance is more accessible more of the time, which may influence your decision.

6) The Tuscan S feels more like a normal car. Specially in the city with lots of traffic, you can drive kind of normal. Tuscan S feels faster, handles more smooth, more refined, easier to drive.

7) I had a 4.2 TVR Cerbera, remapped and made about 385 bhp, although my TVR Tuscan S is standard and making ‘only’ 380 bhp its still feels quicker than the Cerb.

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