TVR T350C: more beautiful than a TVR Sagaris?

From a 2003 statement introducing the TVR T350: “The TVR T350 is a brand new coupe based on the running gear of the universally acclaimed Tamora. The concept is to apply TVR’s expertise gained in motorsport to a road car, and both shape and engineering owe much to TVR’s racing programme. It is intended to form the basis of a racing car for the new GT Cup class of the British GT Championship as well as for a number of overseas one-make race series. This car is available in two forms – the T350C, where C stands for coupe, and the T350T, for targa, which is the version with two removable panels overhead“.

There was an interesting question out there: would you swap your TVR T350 for a TVR Sagaris? In general terms the Sagaris is more powerful than the T350 (3.6 Speed-6 vs. 4.0 Speed-6) and considering many other improvements the answer could be undoubtley “yes”. Many people who owned both say the TVR Sagaris is the “best TVR ever built”. But consider also that a TVR Sagaris has a doubled price. And many opinions state that the TVR T350 is more fascinating than the Sagaris.

Interesting comments:

1) There are differences to the chassis setup and the suspension setup. I have driven a number of standard Sagarises and they do feel different. The T350 is more sharp/urgent feeling, the Sagaris feels more planted and less skittish. However, for me the std T350 is more TVR-like – but not all for the better, as std it still feels like it wants to jump into a ditch. But I didn’t want a Sagaris as I prefer the T350 overall

2) When I test drove the T350 I didn’t connect with it at all – it felt way too skittish and nervous, and I just didn’t have any confidence or connection with it. I then drove a Sagaris (within 10 mins of driving the T350) over the exact same roads and immediately felt connected with it. It felt far more planted and confidence-inspiring and I bought it on the spot, despite it being twice the price of the T350. Was it twice as good for twice the price? Probably not

3) Interior – identical. Chassis – definitely better. Build quality – definitely better than 2003 T350C. Engine/Gearbox/Diff – compared to 3.6 T350C – definitely better.

4) Having owned an S1, Griff 4.3, T350 and now a Sag… I can unequivocally state that the Sag is the best TVR ever built! That goes for build quality and handling. It will go around the outside of any other TVR in a corner on a track and massively out perform any on the road. It is so planted and balanced. So if your decision is based on looks then choose the car you (subjectively) think looks best on your drive. If you want the best build/drive/handling car there is only the Sag to go for!

5) Yes and no. Test driven a few Sag’s over the years, can have very similar but not identical ‘feel’ on road or track. Yes – would happily have a Sag, as it can be just as fast as my T350 on road or track wink (after the T350 had some equalising steering & suspension mods). No – wouldn’t pay any more for one, due to above plus does look more in-your-face but not quite as attractive IMHO and can’t be as subtle on the road when you just want to ‘make progress’

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