TVR T350T: a wonderful photoshooting

When I saw this fantastic photo shooting I was litterally speechless.

This fantastic TVT T350T with Belgian plate comes out exactely as a sculture. And even if I’m talking about a car with nearly 10 years I think its volumes are totally modern.

Today there’s quite a great difficulty in creating new bodies: the Ferrari 458 has to recall the Ferrari 308, the Lamborghini Gallardo the ancient Countach, the Porsche 991 the old 1963 911 2.0, the Jaguar XK the historical Type E and so on.

Look at a TVR. Aiming to the historical Granturas, the Vixens, the Tuscans V6 & V8, the Taimars… a ┬áTVR T350 is truly the heir of the TVR tradition. And it seems the designer was totally free with his pencil, not tormented with the task of creating a new design that SHOULD HAVE looked like a progenitor.


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