TVR For Sale: a 1996 Cerbera with a V8 Maserati (and Camaro...

TVR For Sale: a 1996 Cerbera with a V8 Maserati (and Camaro gearbox)


The TVR Unofficial Blog is “rather” not against restomod supercars. There are some restomodded Porsches that are fantastic for style, engineering and, in general terms, philosophy (RWB 964s are gorgeous, Singers are incredible, Gunther Werks are beautiful…). But in all these cases the basic concept remains untouched despite technology is completely different. So the Singer DLS is still a 964 even if her aircooled Flat-6 has 24 valves. What we don’t like is a transplant that transforms completely the car and makes her essence fly away.

This 1996 TVR Cerbera Speed-6 had her Line-6 engine removed and a V8 4.7 Maserati has been installed. The gearbox comes from a Chevy Camaro. We cannot say this car is still a TVR Cerbera. Surely this is not (in our opinion) a restomodded TVR. It’s not a TVR anymore. We can call it (maybe) a customized ex TVR Cerbera, or it’s a Cerberati. Or simply this is something anybody can recognize anymore.

Our seller is a TVR fan through and through and had owned a 2001 Tuscan. It had a TVR 4.3 conversion but soon after purchase he realised it was not really the car he wanted. Car sold, money invested…

Fast forward to 2015 and the TVR itch needed to be scratched once again and this time there would be no mistake. However, now with a daughter, the Cerbera would fit the bill nicely.

But not just any old Cerbera would do. Our seller had spotted a picture of a Cerbera with wide arches and that was exactly what he wanted. Oh, and he wanted to fit a Maserati engine and quad lights a la Tuscan. A tall order? Not if you are determined and not in a rush…

The tricky part was finding the arches and the quad lights and figuring out how to mate a Maserati engine with a manual gearbox. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

The good old internet put our seller in touch with the owner of the wide arch Cerbera who allowed lots of photographs to be taken and the car driven.

A donor car was sourced, as was a Maserati 4.7-litre V8 engine and the other innumerable parts that would be needed and so it began.

Once the project was underway, any ideas of keeping costs down went out of the window and the decision was made to either replace or renew all the mechanical bits.

The end result, we are sure you will agree, is really quite stunning.”

This car was put for sale in an auction on last tuesday. In another website it’s for sale for nearly 60.000€. We don’t want to know what was its fate but we guess it did not receive so many bids. There could be a couple of solutions, in our humble opinion: re-install her original line-6 engine or to give the car to a very trusted company (the best one, of course, would the mother house) and start a “real” restomod project with totally a new engine but with modern updates. What about, for example, the AJP V8 with 5 litres?