2010 Gathering of Griffiths: June 24 – 27 2010

2010 Gathering of Griffiths: June 24 – 27 2010


The 2010 Gathering of Griffiths and TVRs (GOGT ’10) is in its final month of planning (images come from the last edition of the event). Griffith Motorcar Club International has put together an exciting program surrounding these rare automobile marques at Mid-Ohio Sports car Race Course on the last weekend in June. This weekend, June 24-27, 2010, is now an annual event at the track during its Vintage Grand Prix Weekend and is now rapidly becoming “THE” annual Griffith and TVR event.

As the interest is growing in this signature event the club has expanded its field of car interest. Since the Series 600 Griffith was from the noted Intermeccanica design house it’s extending an invitation to owners of that marque. Entrants will closely monitor the interest in this event as it grows and since the numbers and notoriety of these three marques are somewhat lost among the list of the well-populated import groups, the event will grow as the years go by.

The attached information and entry forms will help you to sign up for the event and to contact the lodging facilities. The forms can also be downloaded from the website mikemooney.com where you can also find some of the information for the weekend.
There will be an eclectic and exciting program of Friday evening tech sessions for both the restoration and mechanical crowd and Saturday evening guest speaker will be Colin Comer, a noted collector and special interest expert. He is also the owner of a Series 200 Griffith.

There will be several new items on display and for sale if you will be needing parts for your restoration project. Griffith Motorcar Club International has been working with several suppliers of chassis parts, body panels and other necessary parts to bring a complete line of products to the market. Please take the time to fill out your entry form and make the necessary reservations for this very exciting weekend.

You must also make separate weekend track reservations from the Mid-Ohio Race course. Those forms and other pertinent information is available on the website mikemooney.com. If you know of anyone who might not have contact with us with regard to the Griffith, TVR and Intermeccanica marques, please take the time to forward this note so that no one can be left behind for this celebration.


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  2. This is a great event! I attended last year and am registered again this year. Is a very central location in the US and held in conjunction with the Vintage Races and British Car Show on the same weekend.