A 2nd hand TVR Sagaris: what to check if you’re in the...

A 2nd hand TVR Sagaris: what to check if you’re in the market


All TVR enthusiasts know that TVR production ceased in late 2006 due to its financial problems. The last model produced, the TVR Sagaris is nowadays the most appreciated by TVR enthusiasts. This is reflected in its rate, which remains higher than other models.

So for any enthusiast who would like to “upgrade” to the TVR Sagaris or who thought about a Porsche 997 Turbo, a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari F430 but is so intrigued by this car, there are some licit questions: which is the best year? What problems? What parts should any person look at? Here are some interesting points of view, of course from the owners themselves.

1) The best year: “One’s right to be looking for a car 04/05 onwards as it seems the Speed six engine problems has been resolved, it was cheap inferior metal componants pre 2004 (but do bare in mind its still no mass produced 100% reliable engine like a Bmw or porsche. A sagaris is the way id go if I was your father, although the T350 is awsome, the sagaris is much much rarer and the flagship of the TVR range”.

2) The importance of a skilled official dealer: “My advice would be to talk to a long standing and respected dealer like Tony at HHC Hexham and ask him to find you a suitable car. You will then get a car that he is happy to sell you backed by a proper warranty and excellent after sales service from a genuine enthusiast with 25 years experience”.

3) A solid enthusiast and his care to the car is a warranty too: “I would try to find one thats been owned by an enthusiast that has used it, and of looked after it, naturally”.