Autoemotodepoca Classic Car Show 2022 in Padova: a TVR Tuscan MK1 and...

Autoemotodepoca Classic Car Show 2022 in Padova: a TVR Tuscan MK1 and a Sagaris


It’s not common to see a TVR in Italy as we Italians are mainly focused on Alfa Romeos and Porsches. So it’s a fantastic surprise to see these two jewels: Automotodepoca show is being held in Padova, a 20 miles far from Venice. That’s the most important Italian motorshow for classic car addicts. Among the treasure you can admire on the stands there are a TVR Tuscan MK1 (dressed as a Tuscan S and a TVR Sagaris.

It’s a pity there isn’t a Cerbera to create an exciting trio but it’s however a fantastic chance.

The Tuscan MK1 in silver and black rims adds a bit of elegance to its gorgeous style. It’s absolutely fantastic to admire her impressive details: the front lid, the front lights, the large air exits so voluptous and aggressive, the large rear spoiler and the low lights. The rear plexiglas window is stored in the boot so you can look at the cockpit also.

The yellow Sagaris is an explosion of strenght, style and freedom in creating a supercar. TVR magnifies the concept of a modern Granturismo but that follows the philosophy of many decades ago. I won’t never get sick to write that just the race number on the side of the body would be enough enough to transform here in a race car.

The Sagaris has the same exactly figure of a shark and I think she expresses in the best way the sum of the British style and top of performance. The most exciting aspect of TVR brand has always the freedom to give emotion without all the complex need of modern Marketing rules.

The perfect situation for these two jewels would have been the left hand drive configuration but of course we cannot expect all from life. It’s already a fantastic chance to see them at the show.

You’ll be able to admire these two cars until next sunday. It worths a visit undoubtedly