BREAKING NEWS: TVR is coming back – 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed...

BREAKING NEWS: TVR is coming back – 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed or sooner


Some days ago we recalled your attention on the new page of TVR official website ( Now we know something more about this mistery.
It seems TVR is coming back: at next Goodwood Festival of Speed (but it could come sooner), TVR will unveil totally a new car which will be engined with a US-derived V8 engine. Will it be a classical Chevrolet derived engine? We could be almost sure as this strong and reliable engine from GM Group was used for some modifications on TVR Cerbera and TVR Sagaris themselves…

This means, maybe, that Mr. Nikolai Smolenski, actual TVR owner, is planning a strong return in the special-car segment with a product that can be suitable for US regulations.Target price could be 70.000 £. Voices claim this will be totally a TVR: so we can expect a front-engined car with an exciting design, two seats, rear traction and at least 500 hp under the bonnet.

At this moment we don’t know anything about the name of the new car.

Built in Germany?
According to some “experts” it seems the new TVR’s cradle will be in Germany where many parts were recently taken to re-organize production.

Will it fit the traditional TVR values?
Purists (most of all enthusiasts from UK) seem not to appreciate this strategy. Yes: TVRs havehosted for years engines from other brands. But during the Nineties Mr. Peter Wheeler, current TVR owner ,took TVRs to have their own engines: the AJP8 of the Cerbera and the Speed-6 for Tuscan, T350, Tamora and Sagaris. This took these cars to gain a very special personality. In other words: do you agree to fit a Ferrari with a Lamborghini engine? Could it be considered a Ferrari anymore?
Another important aspect concerns price: when TVRs were regularly on the market, they represented a simple way to have Lambo or Ferrari perfomances at a cheaper price. Many enthusiasts seem not to appreciate a target price of 70.000 £ for the new car. There’s who explains this with a simple example: a famous English TVR Garage is actually selling a NEW and unregistered TVR Sagaris for 58.000 £.

Ehat do you think about this? Leave us a comment.




  1. It's good news that TVR is coming back.
    – An american engine…
    well, TVR used to put Ford or Rover engines in the past, so why not. It's a pitty that they cannot continue with their own engine (speed6), but it would be too hard to get back right now with an engine no reliable enough or not fitting the current norms. But if they make profits in the future, they could then work again on their own engine.
    – Made in Germany…
    Even if some parts could come from Germany, if the new car is made there, I really believe TVR fans will be very disappointed and I think the car could lose the spirit of english cars which is so different (and that's why we like them : it's not italian, not german, nor american, it's so different)

    I really hope that the new model (if not Sagaris mkII) will still have the spirit of TVR, and TVR comes back for success.

  2. Dear All

    I live in greece but as a student in UK i owned a TVR griffith which i havent forgotten!! i have owned many cars since then Porsche 997 gt3, lotus exige etc but NOTHING was like the TVR. I really hope that TVR comes back and give us a LHD option! These cars with the LS7 engine would be indeed a great thing and besides that engine is very reliant and fast!

    Great news !! i will be on line checking out the outcome!!