Early TVR Tuscan Mk1: if cheap is it worth?

Early TVR Tuscan Mk1: if cheap is it worth?


The TVR Tuscan Mk1 is one of the most appreciated among all for its style, its brutal but emotional manners, its gorgeous Speed-6 engine. As nearly a totally hand-made car, a TVR Tuscan’s story can be completely different from car to car. There are units with low mileage and at least one engine-rebuild and there are other cars which have a high mileage and an untouched engine. Nowadays oconsidering one of the early TVR Tuscan Mk1, it’s possible to find very tasty prices starting from 13 – 16,000 GBP, 14.900 – 18.300 euros (of course they’re all Right Hand Drive; a TVR Tuscan with left hand drive starts from nearly 35 – 40.000 euros). So the question is: what are you purchasing?

The main question probably is if you are willing to afford the maintainance. It’s very hard to create a “high risk” zone considering the year of manufacture and mileage. But the budget should always consider the purchasing price AND the maintenance (nearly 6,000 GBP, 6.800 euros, to be ready to force unexpected problems). Commonly you could follow a first general advice: try to buy a TVR Tuscan Mk1 with full service history and at least an engine rebuild. Otherwise the price should be consider a future one because, in many enthusiasts’ opinion, “a 2000 to 2003 without rebuilt is a bomb!”. Maybe too a low price (if you’re not sure about the seller) could reveal some hidden problem. Of course, a high price and a well maintained car isn’t totally a guarantee but surely it gives a bit of peace of mind.