Find of the day: TVR Sagaris 2 NEW for sale – but...

Find of the day: TVR Sagaris 2 NEW for sale – but it’s FAKE


If you click on THIS link at you’ll find, apparently, an extrordinary stuff: a TVR Sagaris 2 (NEW) for sale. Who wrote this uploaded some images about the prototype of the TVR Sagaris 2, the PF08UUL car which was introduced officially last year by Mr. David Oxley.

The text says: “An authentic supercar with 400bhp engine, 1060kg, 0-100 in 4.0 sec. and max. speed of 310km/h. 2-years warranty or 36.000 km. Available on demand”. We could resolve that Mr. Nikolai Smolenski decided to make us a surprise without any official statement. After all he’s actually the owner of all production rights for TVR brand. Let’s get serious:

1) There isn’t anywhere any official press release about any TVR production’s restart so this car couldn’t carry the official emblem
2) Who can actually give you a “warranty” on such a car?
3) Who can give to a TVR Sagaris 2, actually, an official chassis number?

And the last: looking at the name of the seller, UK Garage, we think that someone in Romania is illegally using the name of Italian official TVR dealer UK Garage of Bovisio Masciago (click to see the map) near Milan (http://www.ukracing) which is at present the only one garage in Italy for complete TVR servicing with 100% reputation. We contacted UK Garage’s actual owners and they told us they don’t have any relationship with this strange classified.