Find of the day: TVR Tuscan MK1 Left Hand Drive for sale...

Find of the day: TVR Tuscan MK1 Left Hand Drive for sale in Italy

Another one TVR Tuscan with Left Hand Drive that surfaces causes literally a shock! That’s TVR Tuscan LHD n.62 of the REGISTER of TVR TUSCAN with Left Hand Drive (click to see). The car is for saleĀ in Turin (it’s advertised HERE): maybe any TVR Enthusiast in Turin can have a trip to the seller (it seems to be a dealer) and have a look?

There are some “strange” things: text says it’s a Tuscan MK1 of May 2004. It seems wrong. The second aspect is the paint: it’s matt black but I never saw such a paint on an “original” painted TVR. The third aspect is the lack of the front grill. The plate is picked up so this could mean that the grille wasn’t there since the beninning.

Maybe this could be an “ex” Spectraflair TVR Tuscan MK1 sold in Italy through UK Garage – UK Racing.


  1. Looks like there is something missing at the front of the car: the bit with the wholes perhaps, that give the Tuscan MKI it's characteristic 'predator'-look?