The Last TVR Cerbera 4.5 V8: where is it?

The Last TVR Cerbera 4.5 V8: where is it?


The last TVR Cerbera 4.5 V8 had gone on online auction on 24 July 2006 at (this site doesn’t work anymore. What a pity!).

As TVR announced, one of the great icons of the British automotive industry, the TVR Cerbera 4.5 would have making a one-off comeback in a live online auction of the last-ever example of the car. The auction run until 31 August 2006. Proceeds in excess of the reserve price would have been donated to a charity.

The TVR Cerbera had been a twice incredible TVR: on the one hand it’s an extremely competent 2 + 2 grand tourer that can be used on any journey, through towns or across countries; on the other hand, it boasts the break-neck performance for which it’s become both famous and feared. TVR’s own 4.5 litre AJPV8 rockets the lightweight Cerbera from naught to 60 mph in under 4″ and is one of the most revered sports car engines.

It has become an iconic British sports car, one that obliterated its competition when it was launched and for many years thereafter, and one whose shape has stood the test of time.

The last Cerbera was commissioned and specified personally by TVR’s owner and chairman, Mr. Nikolai Smolensky, bringing the car out of retirement for one last time in TVR’s true tradition of producing one-off ‘specials’. This is his homage to the beautiful but brutish British sports car.

We don’t know where is the car today, but maybe someone knows where. We’re here waiting to know it!