My TVR Tuscan

My TVR Tuscan

 I have dreamed of owning a TVR since my twenties. The main attractions were the rareity of the cars, the sound, the looks and the fact that they were British.

My love of power and speed started off on high powered sports bikes and I used to look for reasons to go for a ride. I used to enjoy the build up of the preparation for a trip; the inspection of the bike, the donning of jacket and helmet and ensuring that everything was “just right” before setting off.

That was in my late teens and this is the first time I have felt the excitement since then and I’m now 43.

Each drive is an event, an occasion that makes you want to just go but the anticipation is part of the event. Putting it off til all is right, sunglasses, wallet, phone all in their places and the car checked over is almost like a ritual that must be completed. Nothing can be out of place as any little niggle will detract from the enjoyment of setting off.

Starting the car for the first time gives butterflies in the stomach and a sense of “here we go!”

The sound of the engine coming to life, the smell of petrol and leather and knowing all is right with the world is worth the price of the car every time.

Steadily pulling off and careful to keep the revs down while warming up makes me feel as if the car needs to be nurtured during a fragile time and once started I loathe having to stop it before it is hot.

I think all TVR owners secretly love the fact that all eyes are on their car. I also enjoy the fact I can be behind an Impreza or Evo in traffic but I know which car everyone is looking at…
Words by: Glyn