Need a different sound for your TVR Cerbera? Try this!

Need a different sound for your TVR Cerbera? Try this!


The SP Sports Exhaust for the TVR Cerbera that you can purchase at Silverstone Performance takes a different approach to other sports-type systems in that it has not been designed to be loud. In fact, in order to stand a fighting chance of being allowed on a trackday, the noise level has been reduced. The SP Sports Exhaust has instead been tuned for power and sound quality.
A quiet Cerbera may seem like an anathema to a Cerbera owner but a more powerful Cerbera is no anathema! Although the original idea was to maintain the power levels achieved with a standard TVR rear box while improving the sound and appearance, it soon became clear that power could in fact be gained with expert tuning.
The key to the exhaust’s performance is the complex rear silencer system. It is fabricated entirely from durable stainless steel, with a pair of polished, engraved and slash-cut 3.5” tailpipes.

The SP Exhaust is a full system, in two parts: the main pipes (from manifolds to rear box) and the rear box. The main pipes are linked at the front and the catalytic converters are ‘bypassed’ (they may be replaced at any time). The rear box attaches to the car in exactly the same way as the standard TVR rear box.
POWER: Power gains have varied from car to car. In conjunction with Track Car Solutions induction tuning and mapping the SP exhaust systems have lifted the power of a standard 4.5 to 420bhp and a Red Rose 4.5 to 440bhp.
NOISE LEVEL: On a Cerbera 4.2* the static noise level at 4,000 rpm was 98dB.