NEW TVR: a fully working car at Goodwood Revival 2017 (and hurry...

NEW TVR: a fully working car at Goodwood Revival 2017 (and hurry up with your order!)


Below there are some statements from TVR’s CEO Les Edgar on the new car that we’ll se at the Goodwood Revival in early September. Two important notices:

  • The new model will be a fully working car!
  • On next 30th of June TVR will stop temporarily from taking orders for the Launch Edition of the new model.

Further to our recent announcement regarding the Public Launch of our new car at the Goodwood Revival, I thought I’d drop a quick line to update you on some of the details.

Firstly, for those of you who are not able to attend, please don’t worry as we intend to show the car at other events following Goodwood!

Secondly, and as mentioned previously, we will be suspending the taking of orders for the Launch Edition car on the 30th June. We will re-open the order book for the few remaining cars on the 8th September at Goodwood.

In acknowledgement of the fantastic support we have received from Lord March and the Goodwood team, we are reserving a small number of the LE cars specifically for GRRC members. These will be available on a first come, first served basis and only on the 8th, 9th & 10th at the Earls Court motor show.

For those of you who have already placed your order, I hope you can make it along to see us – the car will be a fully finished, running, production-intent vehicle although, due to vehicle age restrictions at the event, we will not be able to run it on the circuit, aside from which it will be the very first fully trimmed car, and I might bend it!

Look forward to seeing you at Goodwood!