The new TVR Griffith?

The new TVR Griffith?


We’re all waiting with great anxiety the new TVR that will be unveiled at next Goodwood Festival of Speed (beginning of July 2010) and we’re very curious to see how its main features (V8 American engine, 70.000 GBP, US-specs ready and German cradle) will match.

For now we can only image how the new car will look like and what will be its name. Here are some sketches of a possible new TVR Griffith made by designer Nick Coughlan in 2007.

It seems typical TVR’s DNA is totally respected: compact shape, long front part to host a front engine which “should” be installed within the axles, rear cockpit and a very compact tail. There are many recalls to actual TVRs like T350, Sagaris and Tuscan.

thanks to: Christophe from Bordeaux (F)


  1. The rear of the car (especially the orange one) bares a very strong resamblance with the Paulin VR concept ( The last picture looks almost like a Alfa Romeo C8 Competizione. All in all, it is a very nice design. But what else can you expect from TVR's own designer Nick Coughlan.
    For the real answer we will just have to wait for Goodwood…

  2. Personally I hope they don't change much… literally.

    The whole reason I love TVR is exactly because they're not following all the trends and fashions every other car maker is – they're different, they do their own thing, they make their own great designs that often don't resemble what anybody else is making.

    These sketches… Personally, I don't like them. It looks like all the kind of horrible angled-shape rubbish everybody else is making nowadays… TVR should stick with what they do best, nice flowing, curvy cars, with not a straight edge on them anywhere.

    I really hope the new car isn't going to be a dissapointment…