new TVR: will Nikolai Smolenski hit the goal?

new TVR: will Nikolai Smolenski hit the goal?


All TVR enthusiasts are excited to see how Mr Smolenski will resurrect TVR. But there are also who is very pragmatic in front of the new car that will be shown at Goodwood Festival of Speed in the beginning oj July. Following there’s a serious, brilliant and very interesting opinion we found on the future of the brand we all love:

I wonder if anyone has wondered where the alleged ‘TVR remanufacturer’ is getting their donor vehicles?

I may be wrong, but I don’t really see any Sagaris owners offering up their pride and joy in this manner.

Of course, the mystery of the disappearing factory (interior of Bristol Avenue) has never been solved, and it’s anyone’s bet how many unfinished cars there were, but it’s not liable to be very many given that orders were thin on the ground at the time.

As for TVR being profitable under Wheeler or Smolenski, forget it. The only reason TVR continued to even make cars for the last two years of Peter Wheeler’s reign, was that he was borrowing money from TVR Power (which was, and remains very profitable) to pay the bills.

Finally, regarding Smolenski’s ‘plans’ (and I use the word advisedly) for new TVRs, I’ll believe it when I see it. In the first place, who in their right mind is going to trust the man whe presided over the demise of TVR in the crass manner he did? Who would buy a car from such a man when you couldn’t guarantee the company would even exist one nanosecond after you took delivery?

As for the cost of any new car, anything built by Gullwing (as the Russian proposes) is not liable to materialize for the price of a Euro spec Corvette. Crikey, British built 289 Cobras were running out at £45k last year, the German built car to the same spec is substantially more, as would be a decently built and specced TVR.

For me, I think we should simply turn out backs to any idea of a new TVR. As others have said before, the company died along with Bristol Avenue, and the workforce uncermoniously thrown ono the scrapheap. the only possible hope would be if Martin (Lilley) got the rights back – he was to all intents and purposes cheated out of ownership anyway. But that’s another story.


  1. Not only is it, will he succeed.
    Will anyone be able to afford to run a car
    the new engines that he intends to use.