New Wilder engine based on TVR Speed-six 4.0

New Wilder engine based on TVR Speed-six 4.0


More power and more reliability. That’s the aim of two new engines based on TVR Speed six made by Ricardo.
An independent report commissioned by Wilder Engineering found that most engine failures of these engine is actually due to cylinder head and valve-train.
So, starting from the quality of the parts themselves, it has been completed re-developed.

There are new bespoke camshafts, new finger followers, new lubrication system’s pressure pump, modified scavenge pumps and comprehensively revised oil ways, with oil properly metered and jetted to where it is required, lowered compression ratio, new cylinder liners, H-beam connecting rods, lightweight pistons and advanced piston ring sets.

The result is two new Wilder engines: 4.1 Litre and the 3.8 litre “Wilder Fury”. The maximum power is the same for both: 380 bhp in comparison with a 330 and 350 bhp range for a TVR 4.0 Speed Six. The 4.1 Litre gives 320lb-ft of torque, the Wilder Fury 305lb-ft; the standard Speed Six 4.0 gives normally 290lb-ft.

A Wilder engine makes more power and torque across the entire engine speed range – using standard TVR ECU, induction and exhaust. Each engine is run-in and tested on a SuperFlow dynamometer for a full day and supplied with a 36 month unlimited mileage warranty.

Wilder engines are available exclusively from Silverstone Performance Ltd. The prices to remove an existing engine, re-engineer and re-fit are: Wilder 4.1 Litre £14,987.50 inc VAT; Wilder Fury £16,489.50 inc VAT.

Source: Pistonheads