OPINIONS ON TVR: Which are the “reasonable costs” for a Tuscan experience?

OPINIONS ON TVR: Which are the “reasonable costs” for a Tuscan experience?


Owning a TVR Tuscan Speed6 is one of the best experiences that could happen in motoring terms. Let’s not talk about the emotions that come out from a wise marketing strategy (and you feel excited most of all because you see a gorgeous badge on the wheel in front of you). Let’s talk about substance above form instead.

The TVR Tuscan is a mighty Gran Turismo car in its purest form as it was in the 50s’ or 60s: nearly a race car with leather seats and air conditioning. It’s quite noise, not so comfortable as a modern GT, it misses the most part of amenities you can find nowadays. The Speed6 is a brutal and mighty engine that gives at least 360 hp (Tuscan Mk1) and you know the car weighs some more than a ton. But you have power steering, automated glasses and side mirrors, a large boot and stereo. Finally the TVR Tuscan is not a supercar for everybody and that’s probably the essence.

So what’s the price of happiness? The TVR Tuscan Speed6 pays the cost of a hand made car so for anyone who’s in the market here are some personal experiences by owners themselves concerning running costs:

  1. It will depend on how unlucky or lucky you are and how often you use the car,but I’m coming up 4 years with my current Chimaera and ALL my costs are running at 4x your £1000 budget including fuel (Not sure If I should put a smiley face or crying face emoji so I’ll leave it blank).
  2. I “expect” to spend £1500-£2000 per annum but in reality it could be +/- . Over 3.5 years so far on a well maintained but highish miles late Mk1 example that’s been about the level but it is due a clutch and brakes over the next couple of years. In that time its probably appreciated a few thousand so net-net its good value but as a keeper it reverts to cashflow rather than paper cost. I only do very basic jobs myself so that’s carrying a garage premium for most work
  3. Id say my Tuscan cost around £1k in servicing each year. I do about 6k miles annually but get a 6 k and 12k service each year anyway. I have a normal 6k fluid changes etc but I also have full 12k each year. I hate the tappets noise so like the shims kept optimal. It’s a bit of a mechanically noisy engine so I pay to keep that side as low as possible and have worked to make the rear end as loud as possible.
  4. I think it depends on how many miles you will do, the condition of the car and how hands on you are.
    A thousand pounds does not go far as a minimum you will need a 6k service that’s approx £500, car tax £235, insurance approx £250. Then there is fuel, tyres and repairs.
    I find parts more expensive than my chimaera eg. Brake discs. I have found the electronics more fragile than the chimaera. I do a lot of the spanner work myself this saves load’s because tvr labour rates are very high at specialists.
  5. I’ve got a 2004 Mk.1 S – – just coming up for 85,000 miles.
    In my ownership of 8.5 years, I’ve accumulated 55K of those miles. I reckon I’ve spent ~ £2K a year on keeping it on the road, and that’s excluding fuel, tyres and ‘consumables’.
  6. Mine is a 2001 Y – no rebuild and I have had it for ~10 years and covered ~30K miles. The last few years’ use have been impacted by kids. I totaled my “bills” up a year or so ago, my spend was £14.5K. My spending pattern is : most years <£1K with a few bigger service bills getting up to 1.5/2K and one even bigger one to have the body off chassis resto… I suspect a £1K average is probably a bit low….but possible providing you don’t get hit by a big one.
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  8. Just to give a counter-example, I’m in my 11th month (not year) of Tuscan ownership, and so far I’ve gotten through a top-end rebuild, new clutch and slave cylinder, flywheel, plus a host of preventative/upgrade work (currently having new shocks and springs fitted at str8six). Haven’t totted it all up (not sure I want to!), but it’s definitely north of 10k so far in the first year…
  9. I have spent around 6k in 5 years on servicing and other bits and bobs, steering rack, alloy rad etc
  10. approx £10k in 3 years but that includes full engine rebuild, servicing and plenty of little extras. Doesn’t cover insurance, fuel etc.
  11. I’ve spent just under £6K on my Tuscan in 2 years. Some cosmetic, but ~60% mechanical including a new clutch. Cerbera has been the most expensive, about £19K in 5 years, mostly mechanical including an engine rebuild.

Source: Pistonheads.com