Speed Six engine: Melling Sportcars pushes it to 550 bhp!

Speed Six engine: Melling Sportcars pushes it to 550 bhp!


Al Melling’s Melling Sportcars has created a new incredible set of modifications of the TVR Speed Six Engine. You can choose between two kind of tuning:

– 4.5 Liters conversion: 516 bhp, 7.500 GBP + VAT
– 4,7 Liters conversion: 550 bhp, 8.500 GBP + VAT

The conversion includes the re-machining of the cylinder head. This re-positions the finger followers and position of the cam shafts. The modifications also include the additional oil galleries to the cylinder head that were removed on the Speed six. These modifications give more power as originally designed. They also give a vast improvement in reliability. Higher performance cylinder liners which give better heat transfer and less friction. New design pistons giving better balance and quicker engine response. Specially designed piston rings to give better sealing and less friction. The return of solid billet cam shafts with new profiles.
Specially designed valve springs with less load giving quicker engine response.
The return of a solid billet crank shaft with higher performance main bearing.

All Melling rebuilt Speed 6 engines come with the following components replaced as standard and using all original castings,

– New Melling Crankshaft
– Relinered and rebored cylinder block with deck remachined
– New Melling Liners
– New Melling forged pistons with Dows D10 dry lubricant to skirts
– New high specification piston rings
– New forged H beam 4340 steel rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts
– New main and big end bearings
– New sump baffle panel
– Cylinder head completely stripped and rebuilt with new Colsibro valve
guides fitted and seats reground throughout.
– New inlet valves
– New exhaust valves
– New valve stem seals
– New Melling finger followers
– New Melling camshafts
– New headgasket
– New oil feed modification to cylinder head (original design)
– New high specification timing chains
– New half time bearings
– New molybdenum disulphide impregnated upper timing chain tensioner
– New oil seals

Source: Pistonheads