The Story of the TVR Sagaris Prototype Nr. 2

The Story of the TVR Sagaris Prototype Nr. 2


(Listed in the TVR Sagaris Register of as car n.77)

Here are the informations of the build sheet:
TVR Sagaris RHD UK Spec
Destination, Customer: TVR Engineering Ltd., Pre-Production Development
Order Date: 24.02.2004
Date in Build: 07.05.2004
Chassis No.: SDLSA6A74B001203
Order No.: 32456
Color: Iced Titanium Metallic, Mulberry full hide
Optional Extras: Metallic paint, Air Conditioning
Build sheet printed/amended at 1027 08.12.2004
Delivery Date: May 2004

Here are the informations from the registration :
Registration: P054 CVK
Rgistered Keeper: TVR engineering, Bristol Avenue, Blackpool, FY2 OJF
Date of first registration : 01.10.2004
Date of first registration in UK : 01.10.2004

Body Type: Coupe
Type of fuel: Petrol
Number of seats: 2
VIN/Chassis/Frame No.: SALSA16A74B001203
Engine Number: P6363801
Colour: grey

This is a really special car, it’s a part of the TVR history. The car, known as TRV Sagaris Prototype Nr. 2, was a pre-production car, which was used to test different solutions of problems. You can see on the car different development stages. Looking at the engine number, it seems that there is a 3.6 l engine.

The car was used by TVR until december 2005, then it was sold to the Millenium Racing Team and used for racing. In september 2006 the car was sold to Beat Eggimann, owner of Eggimann Cars, Sissach, Switzerland.
In the images below. the Sagaris Nr. 2 was photographed in April 2008 at the Erlengarage, Rolf Kühn, Basel. The car went to Fribourg in a TVR exposition, organised by Rolf Kühn.

In may 2008 the car got Swiss-papers. The swiss registration is BL 43880.

Beat Eggimann has the intention to make a conversion from RHD to LHD. It is a private project, which he is doing with some friends. The project started in november 2009. The work will be done essentially during free time. In 2007 he could buy a complete steering unit. An important job was to make a “negative” of the roof, an exact copy of the original RHD roof, converted to LHD. The complete interior must be done new, also the dash and all other parts of the middle console. The colour oft the interior will be dark, grey or black. Now it has a Speed-6 3.6 litres engine, which will be converted to a 4.0 litres unit. The car will hit the streets again in Summer 2011.

Here some pictures of Prototype 2 in october 2010 in the Garage of Beat Eggimann (in the image below Beat Eggimann with his car) in Sissach, Switzerland.

In the following images, the Sagaris Prototype n.2 during the working process which will transform it into a TVR Sagaris Left Hand Drive.

Later in the building process we will have some further pictures.

Thanks to Beat Eggimann for the informations about his car.

[Words by Werner Jelk]