Swordfish’s TVR Tuscan MK1 will join Pistonheads show

Swordfish’s TVR Tuscan MK1 will join Pistonheads show


Next NEC in Birmigham will host the PistonHeads Show. A major part of this event is the display of readers’ cars. among them there will be a very famous TVR Tuscan Mk1: it’s the John Travolta’s TVR Tuscan he used in Swordfish.

The Chameleon Blue Tuscan started life as one of six cars used in the movie – a couple were crashed, one had holes blown out of it and this one ended up in the hands of Pascal – who is understandably pleased with his decision to buy. Now the car is owned by Belgian enthusiast Pascal Buyens. He was asked to sell the car to a US based charity but he refused! Good Job!

FFF Speed6

Mr Buyens joyned his car but he soon had to face the common problems which affected a Speed 6 engine: The crankshaft bearings on the original Straight Six went after owning it for a few months. They went into the sump, and then got thrown into the engine, resulting in a total wreck”. He took the car to Racing Green TVR but he did not opt for a rebuild. He choosed the ‘Finger Follower Free’ (FFF) engine they developed. It’s surely a great solution if you need a very realiable TVR. In addition he added a supercharger: “I wanted the car to be even more bonkers in terms of horsepower, while retaining the ‘soul’ of the original Speed Six as much as possible”.

source: Pisthonheads