Imperial masterpiece: here is the first TVR T350

Imperial masterpiece: here is the first TVR T350


What you see in this story is a masterpiece. Ladies and gentlemen here is the first TVR T350. It was owned until recent times by Julian who decided fancied getting back to his love of Lotus. So not too long ago, he bought a Lotus Exige V6.

The car is the 2002 U.K. motor show car and TVR development T350c. I asked him some images to document this beautiful car and he sent me some very nice shots that I want to share with you. I don’t know who’s the new owner of the car.

It has always had a 4.0L Red Rose TVR Speed Six engine. Six months after being at the motor show it was re-sprayed in metallic silver, but still has hidden panels painted in Spectrflare.

Because this was the development car, it has some differences from a production T350c, these include… No notch in the body to help open the rear glass hatch, the petrol filler was originally in a different location and was moved, the radiator mountings are different, also Peter Wheelers name is hidden under an interior panel

He was able to contact one of the gentleman that actually made the body shell and he said there were two cars. His was the spectra flare, silver car and there was another car a target top and that was the green Birmingham motor show car.

He contacted the gentleman that owns the green target top T350T and he sent him a photograph of his VIN number and that proved that his spectra flare silver car was one car older than his. So to cut a long story short, he had photographic evidence that his car was the original T350C, and the very first T350 ever made.

It’s fair to say this is a beautiful example for the Register of the First-Last TVRs.