Video: The beast is alive (and its roar makes me cry for...

Video: The beast is alive (and its roar makes me cry for the emotions)


Drivetribe magazine rewards us TVR addicts with a video that is simply fantastic about the mighty TVR Cerbera Speed 12. The journalist speaks about the TVR Cerbera Speed 12 and tells a story about the most incredible TVR ever conceived.

I love everything about this car, I have said it many times: it is a monstrous creature, born without the use of expensive technology that was conceived bt Peter Wheeler and was design and built only by fantastic British minds and hands.

But at 12:20 on the video┬ásomething begins that I cannot describe in any other way than “atomic lust.” The journalists presses the start button and the twelve cylinders of this behemoth come to life It begins a sound that is both frightening and wonderful at the same time: deep, mighty, round, perfect.

The second part is equally exciting: Graham Abbott, the owner of this gem, explains the differences between W112BHG and its “almost twin” sister. Frankly, I would recommend starting to enjoy this video from minute number 12 an feel the emotions I’m sure so few cars can give.

I am an “old-fashioned” enthusiast: when I heard the sound of that engine I shed a tear of emotion. And I think I am even more proud of this blog because such an amazing car, in this age full of technology and so much (too much) marketing, a better car than the Speed 12 I am not sure will ever be produced