TVR 5000M: huge but not official?

TVR 5000M: huge but not official?


The 5000M hasn’t ever been an original TVR. These cars were converted into TVR 5000M by the Canadian importer. It was however recognised as a properly converted and therefore sanctioned car via John Wedman. as a sanctioned Dealer converted car then in theory its provenance for homologation purposes should be entirely possible. They were only available for the Canadian market. They all started as new cars and were registered as TVR 5000M. Most were shipped over less engine and transmission but the first came with a 2500 engine that never saw the road.

Nevertheless, Mr. Peter Wheeler, ex TVR owner and boss, has recently built a TVR 5000M for racing over here in heritage GT races in England.

A 5000M created in uk?
Anyway there has been a previous UK ‘5000M’ or convertible to be precise which to all intends and purposes was ‘created’ in the UK. The car was XKU3L originally an 3 litre M, then converted to a convertible for Martin Lilley by the factory (not a 3000S body), it appeared in the early 90’s having been rebuilt with a 289 and the rebuilders claiming that it was a one off car originally factory built for Martin Lilley and fitted with a 289 by the factory. The was sucesfully raced in Macau and in Hong Kong, though where it lives now, who knows. The car was featured in numerous magazines though its ‘originality’ is highly questionable (IMHO)