TVR Cerbera 4500: driving impressions from his owner

TVR Cerbera 4500: driving impressions from his owner


Granturismo is totally an Italian concept. Some claim the first of all was the Lancia Aurelia B20 in early Fifties. Sporty but elegant, fast but also gentle, with a very rude engine (V6, 2,5 liters) but with leather seat. That’s the GT: you could go from home to office during the week and race the Mille Miglia (the real one!) in the weekend. And the next for a trip around Europe with your luggage!

What are nowadays the heirs of the early granturismos of that epic period? It’s hard to say but when we’re told that “it takes you to laps at Monza to reset the brakes of a Lambo Murcielago” there’s some evidence…

In our opinion, here’s the essence of a GT car: the TVR CERBERA is perfect for this aim. Gorgeous by its design, well refined, comfortable (relatively), spatious (2+2 seats) and with a incredible sporty soul. These ideas are very well described by these images we received by a very proud owner of a TVR Cerbera 4.5 who used it several times on track.

Here are his own feelings: “I have owned the Cerbera for 5 years and have done many Euro jaunts, including several trips to the Nurburgring and also to Spa. I enjoy taking the car on trackdays, it is an awesome machine on track but the car really excels on the European motorway network as it is a supreme GT car. This has included a top speed by me GPS verified at 186mph (which I think is PLENTY quick enough) on the German autobahn. It is really pleasing to see the positive reaction TVRs, and in particular the Cerbera, gets in Europe. The boot on a Cerbera, for a sports car, is quite volumnous. On a trip to Le Mans in 2007 I managed to get luggage/food/equipment for 2 people for 5 days, and an 8 man tent!
I have done a few mods to the car including short induction pipes, remap, sports exhaust, decat and INTRAX suspension to name but a number. Inside the car has full black leather seats with yellow stitching. It also has yellow dials set in an aluminium ‘checker plate’ dashboard. Also now sits on Team Dynamics 5 Star wheels.Last rolling road the car was showing 421bhp.