Opinions on TVR: A wonderful blue Cerbera MK1 at the sunset and...

Opinions on TVR: A wonderful blue Cerbera MK1 at the sunset and his owner’s feelings


Art means to give life to the inert matter. So why is a TVR Cerbera a work of art? In my opinion because she’s moving even when she’s still. Here’s a wonderful Cerbera MK1 4500 during a sunset. The sun is going to hide on and light is low. The red is surrounding the volumes of the car so they can define themselves even better.

The blue paint of this 4500 MK1 makes me crazy. I asked the owner which the maximum speed he reached: “I’ve reached 150mph before backing off;┬ávery scary, but it was still pulling very hard!”┬áSo were admiring her magnificent curves but think about the mechanics under these volumes.

Furthermore I asked him what’s her best quality and the worst thing she has: “Ever since I saw a Cerbera at a motor show when I was a child, it was a dream car of mine. I love every time I sit in the car I get reminded of the history of what TVR was and what it represented. It looks, sounds and even smells like nothing else on the road.

The entire car shakes and vibrates like it is alive, I love how the car has no driver aids so it is totally reliant on you to keep it settled, it is such a rewarding car to drive. I call it “my big blue smile machine” as it always makes me laugh, and I love seeing other people smile and wave when I drive the car. I love the theatre, and that every single drive is a total event. I feel very special when I drive the car. It is rare, fast, loud and special. I also love the TVR community, I have attended CerbFest and a lot of TVRCC events in the North of England. Driving with other TVR’s on the road is a feeling I will never get used to.

The only things about the car that I would say are a bad aspect, is the fact that I tend to be very protective over the car. It must stay in a garage because I feel I am responsible for looking after the car as best as I can as it is such a nice example. It is a very hard car to fault, as you should know what you’re getting yourself in for. “Touch wood” the car has never let me down and is a credit to those who have owned it in the past”.