TVR Cerbera Speed 12: the silly idea

TVR Cerbera Speed 12: the silly idea

Only one man could realize within 300 yards that his new project was a silly idea. He was Peter Wheeler. But this sounds fantastic however because despite this the Speed 12 was the most monstrous roadgoing car ever come to existance. He created such an incredible car to make it unattainable since the beginning. Nowadays every motoring brand takes hundreds decisions before wasting time and money in a new car. Peter Wheeler had the most simple and “gigantic” idea he could have: he took two Speed-6 engines to create the most “English” among supercars: extremely powerful and extremely light: 900 hp and 1 ton.

Some say, for example, the people at Weissach (“silly” ideas that become a sort of legend) tested at twin turbocharged V10 of the Carrera GT and that “several” hundreds horspower came out. Did this engine go on in a fantasy car? Such as a “modern” 917? Only to show Porsche’s potential? Not, and that’s sad. “You need money to do such a thing” anyone could say. Yes, it’s absolutely true but sometime you need to show where is your strenght. Or shall we think that Porsche could reach 1.000 hp in 1971? (It was the 917/30).

Images source: Evo magazine