TVR Speed12 W112 BHG for sale at UK Garage

TVR Speed12 W112 BHG for sale at UK Garage


Oct 31st 2009 – UPDATE: BE CAREFUL!! This car is actually in UK and it’s not for sale. The company which is claiming to have the car is not UK Garage from Bovisio Masciago even if it’s using the url

If you scroll down the blog you’ll find a brief story of one of the most incredible cars in the world, the mighty Cerbera Speed 12, which can be considered more sensational than an Enzo, an MC12, a Veyron, a Carrera GT, a Koenigsegg CCX, a Pagani Zonda.
Here’s our opinion: the cars we’ve just quoted had a minimal Marketing approach in order to make them appreciate for a general public. Infact they’re a little comfortable, easy to drive, full of electronics. Is it good? It depends! On the road this is very important when you manage with your hands a car with something like 600 – 700 hp.

But look at this beast: the TVR Speed 12 was considered eventually illogical by Mr. Wheeler himself who tryed to drive it from the Blackpool factory to his own home and was struck with terror for its characteristics. It’s was simply almost undriveable.

But the concept, the project, the idea, the philosophy, was great: starting from this brutal engine, the car came out and none among engineers or technicians thought it should have been a car for road use. Simply: they follow engineering rules and teir own passion to build a car around that incredible 7.7 liters V12 and the car was created, but of how many care if the cars would have been able to sell well? None, of course!

The result was 5 race cars and only one street car. This one is actually for sale through UK Garage, the most famous dealer in Italy for very special cars (especially from Britain). This could be the most sensational USED car in the entire world: 940 hp, 980 kilos, 0 – 60 mph in 2″9, top speed at 405 km/h. For such a car, 230.000 euros is a considerable “starting price”.