The TVR Cerbera Speed 12 ‘W112 BHG’ will be auctioned on next...

The TVR Cerbera Speed 12 ‘W112 BHG’ will be auctioned on next May


On next Saturday 20th May “the beast” will look for a new proud owner. The unique TVR Cerbera Speed 12 W112 BHG, will be put for sale by Silverstone Auctions. It will be a unique occasion to become the owner of the most sensational TVR (and one of the most incredible hypercar ever built) that was conceived by Peter Wheeler.

I already wrote in the past about this wonderful TVR speaking about its definition “the silly” idea by the boss himself.


The only one Cerbera Speed 12 built by TVR specifically for road use, the defining example. An opportunity to own an exceptional and unique motor car, fully sanctioned by the marque and coming from diligent enthusiast-ownership.


Fully prepared by TVR engineers over two years, this road-going GT1 car is uniquely fitted with the correct race-bred 7.7-litre, 840bhp V12 engine and the final evolution of the race car carbon-fibre/Kevlar bodywork. Originally offered for sale directly by TVR’s Peter Wheeler, and widely featured in the motoring press, this is one of the rarest and most revered supercars of the last 25 years.

Car with chassis number SDLCC14A0YB001521 takes origin from a robust tubular chassis made with steel. Engine is formed basically with two Speed-6 engines that have been coupled to create a mighty DOHC V12.

some friends, who in the early 2000s were the TVR importers in Italy told me about seeing the V12 engine running on the dyno and recalled the enormous power of this incredible unit that was capable of generating so much torque that it made the dyno shudder.

The base price of the beast is 300,000 pounds. Personally, I would hope that this masterpiece of English automotive passion would come to Italy, but I hope at least that the new owner will treat it diligently and not let it molder in a shed

Images from Silverstone Auctions