TVR Griffith: new images from the Goodwood unveil

TVR Griffith: new images from the Goodwood unveil


Here are some new great shots of the TVR Griffith during the Goodwood unveil.

We all TVR fellows wait with anxiety that the company will organize the first press driving tests of the new car in order to give a concrete opinions on its handling qualities. For now we can only evaluate the design.


Personally I think that, despite some redundant corner, the Griffith is totally TVR. One of its main qualities is, in my opinion, its compactness. The new Griffith is tiny, as any TVR shall be.

In the front part I’m not accustomed to see a large vent so probably it will get me some time to “understand” exactly the shape. Furthermore: maybe designer should have dare with the front lights, as the define’s the its glaze. Maybe it should have been more… more!

The side is great and – first fundamental aspect – I don’t see the door handle. The release of the door is well maintained under the side mirror (which comes from the Ford Mustang). I like the side exhaust and the black scarf in the bottom

Well, I love the tail! Huge, Mighty, large (thanks to the curved mudguards) and with a gigantic extractor in the lower part. I don’t like to much the wing but I’d rather prefer a flap-of-gurney nolder or something closer to the TVR Sagaris’s one.

And, finally, I like the cockpit very much: tall tunnel, small and simple wheel, very small gear lever, low-hooked pedals. It’s functional, not baroque.

So what’s your opinion on this shape? What you like the most? What you hate? Drop me a comment