TVR in British Racing Green

TVR in British Racing Green


Italians are red, Germans are silver, French are blue and English sport and race cars are dark green. But it seems that not ALL TVR owners decided to be patriots at all choosing the right color too. Maybe, outside UK, every TVR should be with a unique configuration: right hand drive and British Racing Green.

There’s an important notice: those who bought their car and were aware it was extremely rare and particoular, choose for this paint: so happened for the TVR Cerbera 5.0, the TVR 5000M and the TVR Typhon.


  1. Dear Alvise,
    I don't want to spoil your day, but most of these cars are not Racing Green. The T350’s and Sagarisses(?) are Reflex Charcoal, the Tamora is Cooper Green (I think) and the racing Tuscan is Reflex Purple.
    But don’t be disappointed, the discussion over what color is actually British Racing Green is still going. As far as I know the Griffith (ZH 554 150) is the one and only BRG.