TVR Poll: which is the best song at the wheel of a...

TVR Poll: which is the best song at the wheel of a TVR?

That’s OK: the sound of your Speed-6, or the AJP V8, or an LS Chevy V8 or V6 Cologne or 4 cyl. MG is the best music you could listen to when you’re at the wheel of your TVR.

But try to think only for one second: 200 mph (320 km/h) along a straight of a German autobahn surpassing dozen cars, in oversteering sliding with style, elegance and mightiness out of a bend, chasing a Ferrari 458 Italia and the driver is furious because he doesn’t succeed in leaving you behind, arriving in front of your friends (who were sure you wouldn’t ever dare buying it) leaving them struck with surprise, being on the passenger seat while a beautiful woman (you have with her, for now, only a very special friendship) is taking he wheel. And you suddenly realize that she drives like Vicky Henderson in THIS video.

So: choose your “right” melody for this magic moment and vote on the right column of TVR Unofficial blog:

1) Led Zeppelin: Immigrant Song (
2) AC/DC: Thunderstruck (
3) Ludwig Van Beethoven: Simphony n.9 (
4) Maurice Ravel: Bolero (
5) Simple Minds: Love Song (
6) David Bowie: Let’s Dance (
7) Beatles: Helter Skelter (
8) Yes: Owner of a lonely Heart (
9) James Brown: Sex Machine (
10) U2: Until the end of the world (
11) The Doors: Riders on the Storm (
12) Queen: Innuendo (
14) Pink Floyd: The great gig in the sky (
13) My TVR is very jealous: radio always switched off.

Of course, if you have your own perfect song, leave a comment on this post.



  1. My first choice would be: no music at all. Not because my TVR is jealous, but just because I like my TVR experience undiluted, raw.
    But if I have to choose a song to go with the sound of my S3C V6, it has to be 'Sweet Hitchhiker' by Creedence Clearwater revival…


    Life is too short to drive boring cars…