TVR Power: 100.000 miles warranty for TVR Speed-6 engine

TVR Power: 100.000 miles warranty for TVR Speed-6 engine

Following the positive reaction to their Speed 6 “five” year unlimited mileage warranty, TVR Power are now offering an optional 100,000 mile warranty on all of their Speed 6 rebuilds from November 2010 onwards. Warranty will be offered to all TVR Power’s customers with 3.6, 4.0, 4.3 and 4.5 litre Speed 6 complete rebuilds.
With over 400 Speed 6 rebuilds completed including 80 upgrades, we haven’t experienced a serious mechanical problem with any one of them, so we are pleased to be able to offer this exceptional 100,000 mile warranty with confidence to all Speed 6 rebuild customers.”

Power now has a good number of high mileage Speed 6 rebuilds out there, with a T350T coming in for a 100,000 mile engine service in the new year. The T350T which is used as a daily driver had its Red Rose Speed 6 engine rebuilt at 60,000 miles is now fast approaching 160,000 miles. When it returns to Power the engine will be stripped, inspected and fully documented by TVR Power  with the results set to be published exclusively in TVR Sprint Magazine.
TVR Power has demonstrated 100% confidence in its product and we are only too happy to demonstrate that confidence in offering this optional 100,000 mile warranty on all our Speed 6 complete rebuilt engines. For many customers 100,000 miles will mean the lifetime of their car, so what could be better?”
To find out more about the TVR Power 100,000 mile Speed 6 warranty call Dom on 0247 636 6177 or email him on



  1. la cosa incredibile non è tanto il motore che arriva a 100mila miglia senza problemi, quanto il fatto che tutto ciò che ci sta attorno sia riuscito a farne addirittura 160mila 😮