TVR Power: 4.5-litre TVR Speed Six Conversion

TVR Power: 4.5-litre TVR Speed Six Conversion


Owners of TVR Speed Six powered machines will have a new option in the quest for engine longevity at the end of this year – a 4.5-litre, 455bhp(est) conversion from TVR Power.

The new Supersports 4.5-litre package will not be cheap at £8,500 plus VAT, but TVR Power say they have a roster of happy customers with their 4.3-litre, 430bhp conversion. That version is still available at £6,500 plus VAT, if you want to join the ranks of the 57 cars they’ve converted in the last eight months. The extra cost of the 4.5 conversion covers the need for cylinder liners and a lot of additional machining that’s required, all of which is carried out in house. Festures:

  • Steel billet knife-edge crank shaft assembly
  • H section billet connecting rods
  • Interlock steel top hat liners
  • Bored and honed (original) aluminium cylinder block
  • Bespoke pistons
  • Lightened flywheel
  • Ported cylinder head
  • CC Combustion chambers
  • Performance camshafts
  • High flow injectors
  • Bespoke map (on all applications) MBE only

“After the success of our 4.3-litre engine we have taken the power, torque and reliability to the next level. We have the confidence in this engine to extend the 5 year unlimited mileage warranty to our customers who choose to upgrade.

“This package will be available from December 2010 after it has been through vigorous road and track tests including the Nurburgring and all over Europe in TVR Power’s own TVR Sagaris,” the company says.