TVR rates: TVR Unofficial blog’s report

TVR rates: TVR Unofficial blog’s report


Like in previous occasions, I think it’s interesting to evaluate average price of TVR models considering two fundamental areas: Great Britain and Rest of the World. Amounts have been considering looking at the most important websites where to find them:, Autoscout24, and Ebay.

Below I add the old rates I published about TVR prices about 2009 and in comparison with 2008:


Chimaera: £9,684 (€ 10.675), -15,84%
Cerbera (pre ’02): £13,349 (€ 14.715), -4,99%
Cerbera (post ’02): £18,674 (€ 20.586), -4,9%
Griffith: £15.273 (€16.836), +4%
Tuscan Mk1: £16,094 (€17.742), -4,99%
Tuscan S Mk1: £20,983 (€23.131), -1,7%
Tuscan Mk2: £26,982 (€29,744), -1,9%
Tuscan S Mk2: £29,546 (€32.571), -2,89%
Tuscan Spider: £26,996 (€29.760), -15,52
Tamora: £18,293 (€20.166), +0,05%
T350: £20,601 (€22.710), -5,04%
Sagaris: £36,668 (€40.422), -8,26%


Chimaera RHD: € 13.644. -7,37%
Chimaera LHD: € 30.687, -5,86%
Cerbera (pre ’02) RHD: € 18.800
Cerbera (post ’02) RHD: € 30.000
Griffith RHD: € 14.466, -2,65%
Griffith LHD: € 34.950, -10%
Tuscan Mk1 RHD: € 20.000
Tuscan Mk1 LHD: € 50.000
Tuscan S Mk1: € 40.000
Tuscan Mk2: € 45.000
Tuscan S Mk2: € 60.000
Tuscan Spider: (see UK)
Tamora: (see UK)
T350: (see UK)
Sagaris: €70.000

TVR Chimaera: In UK there are many TVR Chimaera 400 for sale. Prices go from 6.000 GBP (high mileage and very “old”) to 16.000 (low mileage and after 2000) with an average value of 10.250 GBP (12.032 €). I contintental Europe prices are a little higher, with an average value of 13.438 euros. As concerns TVR Chimaera 430 I succeeded in finding only one unit for sale recently on Pistonheads at 9.000 GBP (but don’t know exactely if this reflects a certain rarity of this model). TVR Chimaera 450s are numerous too. Sale prices are always higher than 10,000 GBP and top prices reach 20,000 GBP (23.500 €). Average value is 14,772 GBP (17.341 €). Interestingly TVR Chimaera 500s seem not to be more appreciated than 450s. I found a lower value: 13,400 GBP (15.700 €) as average sale price. In Europe Right Hand Drive 450s are normally for sale at 17.000 euros while I found only one 500 with Right Hand Drive at nearly 20.000. LHD units (all versions) have a standard price which is always higher than 20.000 euros and differences can be huge from unit to unit. They can easily exceed 30.000 € due to the rarity.

TVR Griffith: while there very few Griffith 400s (only one for sale at 7.240 GBP, 8.500 €), Griffith 430s (average price of 10,800 GBP, 12.800 €) and Griffith 450s, there is plenty of Griffith 500s. For the most powerful among the most Griffith price range is wide: I found the lowest was 11,000 GBP and highest was 25,000 but the average price is commonly high: 18,000 GBP (22.000 €). Due to the fact they’re very rare, TVR Griffith 500 SEs are always expensive: 28,500 GBP – 33.500 € as average price. TVR Griffith with Left Hand Drive is of course even rarer: 500s, can have a price nearly doubled (40.000 €) in comparison with a RHD model.

TVR Cerbera: there’s a huge difference between Pre-2002 Cerberas and Post-2002 ones. In general terms, in Great Britain there’s a continous downtrend for prices of the TVR Cerbera pre-2002 while there’s a strong uptrend for the Post-2002.  I measured 12,582 GPB – 14.800 € [variation with 2009: -6%] as average for the first and 22,800 GPB – 26.800 € for the Post-2002 [variation: +28%]. Despite their lower reliability due to the engine, the TVR Cerbera Speed-6 has higher price sales than the Pre-2002 Cerberas: 13,839 GBP – 16.245 €. Sales ads show that the Speed-6 are interestingly popular in Europe where I measured more than 20.000 € as average price.

TVR Tuscan: In Great Britain there’s plenty of TVR Tuscan MK1 for sale: 17,200 GBP – 20.200 €. Among them is very easy to find a Red Rose unit with tuned engine (from 3.6 to 4 liters). During 2010 prices rise [variation: +13,8%]. Average sale price for TVR Tuscan S MK1 is 22,100 GPB – 26.000 € and there’s the same uptrend as [variation is +13%]. As concerns TVR Tuscan MK2 average sale price is 26,650 GBP – 31.300 €; in comparison with last survey there’s a downtrend [variation: – 5%]. TVR Tuscan S MK2 scored 29,350 GBP – 34.500 € as average price and it seems prices are in a light uptrend [variation: +5%]. The most strong variation is for TVR Tuscan Spider. I measured 31,500 GBP – 37.000 € as average [variation: +24%].
European prices for RHD TVR Tuscan MK1 (the more popular ones) are a little lower than British ones: 18.650 euros. Price for Tuscan MK2 with right hand drive are commonly doubled. Probably this reflects the special features of this cars and, of course, a general mistrust towards them due to the kind of maintenance they received. Prices, of course, are very high for Left Hand Drive models. I could venture to do a price range: they don’t exceed 40.000 euros if the car received at least an engine rebuild (it seems there’s no difference in the kind of model: Mk1, Mk2, Tuscan or Tuscan S). But if they were well maintained prices get higher: a TVR Tuscan Mk1 can reach 45.000 euros. After this line and until 55.000 euros you can find a TVR Tuscan MK2.

TVR Sagaris: in UK a TVR Sagaris RHD comes for 41,900 GBP – 49.200 € as average price. LHD models, which are extremely rare are for sale at least at 70.000 euros.

TVR Tamora: prices show that there’s a huge difference between “Pre-2003” models and Post-2003 ones. The first ones are commonly for sale at 15,250 GBP – 17.900 €. Post 2003 Tamoras are for sale at 24,300 GBP – 28.500 euros. As for Tamoras for sale in Europe, I found very few cars for sale: prices are, as average, 23.000 euros for Pre-2003

TVR T350: a strange case. Pre 2004 TVR T350s I found show higer prices than Post 2004: the first ones perform 22,300 GBP – 26.600 €. Younger models seem to cost less: 21,000 GBP – 24.600 €. In the rest of Europe there are most of all Pre-2004 T350, whose average prices are 23.600 €.