TVR rebirth is on the way?? A strange barn near Blackpool with...

TVR rebirth is on the way?? A strange barn near Blackpool with TVR emblem emerges


Actually this is only a speculation but, of course, we’re praying the Lord that this is true. This barn scooped in the countryside of Blackpool has been recently marked with the TVR emblem you can clearly see above the entrance.

On forum a member of the TVR section started some days a go a new thread with these words: “Yes folks its true, TVR is setup is Wesham, about 15 miles from Original Blackpool. I know this because one of the chief foremans who lives round the corner from me who shall remain nameless has admitted to it. No cars are being made but the design aspect of it is taking place there”.

Another one images shows us a second half built structure which is reported to be a part of the new headquartes of TVR. The local press is following this incredible and fantastic new (if true!) and has asked Derek Smith, deputy editor of the TVR Car Club magazine, what he thinks about it: he confirmed the plans of the rebirth of TVR and has also that Nikolai Smolenski and TVR managing director David Oxley are involved in the project.

Mr Smith sayd that the new facility hides a Design Studio, a sort of Research and Development center. The mistery group has already agreements with a company in Kent to provide the engines but it’s still unclear WHERE the cars will be built.

Another ex-employer of TVR factory, who wants to remain hidden, has declared that there are almost 10 people who are working on new projects and that there are already two cars on the go.

But of course there’s still anything official in this exciting story. TVR fans want to want to see real evidence of TVR’s return. An internal voice of the company has deny all these plans which would have happened secretly.