Find of the week: TVR Sagaris 400 RT – Red and Yellow...

Find of the week: TVR Sagaris 400 RT – Red and Yellow at Racing Green TVR


This 2004 TVR Sagaris for sale at Racing Green TVR is a very special one! It is an early car and was issued by the factory with all the slash cuts opened up. It has the 4.0 Litre S Speed Six engine with 5 speed gearbox and a special final drive unit.

It is equipped with a full safety cage and other safety equipments are built in. The exterior is red with yellow (removeable) vinyl striping ; the interior is lightweight and finished in black leather and Alcantara with red features. Have you seen this car before ? Maybe. After all, it is the car that Terry Grant drove to entertain the crowds at many events such as the MPH Arena shows. TVR Racing Green says “The car’s not beautiful, but its not expensive either!” I absolutely don’t agree: it’s smashing and, for its modifies, is really really special, definitively a one-of-a-kind TVR Sagaris.

Is to be appreciate what they say at the bottom of the description of the car: “With some TLC, this Sagaris could be honed to become one of the ultimate combined road use and track day cars.”