Opinions on TVR: TVR Sagaris or TVR Tuscan S Mk1: which one...

Opinions on TVR: TVR Sagaris or TVR Tuscan S Mk1: which one is the wildest?


There’s always someone who will tell you “today cars are not as they were used to be”. That’s probably because when a car has been developed until it reaches its perfect condition you could feel an inexplicable recall to something “imperfect”. That’s why why love mechanical watches rather than quartz, or antiques rather than modern furnishing. We’re talking about one of the wildest brand in the world but it’s interesting to know that there’s the chance to find differences.

TVR Tuscan S Mk1 and TVR Sagaris
There are many TVR enthusiasts who claim the Tuscan has “something” more than the perfect Sagaris:

1) Had the pleasure of a drive in one of the above on monday and was very very impressed not only with the acceleration from it, but also the handling was far better than I had imagined even in slightly damp conditions and with the standard shocks on it. Acceleration seemed even quicker than the sag! Which is saying something, And although all Tuscan S models are reputed to have a cr box this car didn’t appear to have one, Although it felt just about perfect without one, I know a few people on here have made the move from Tusc s to sag! Just wondering if the Tusc is generally quicker still

2) when I went to test drive a TVR in ’05, I went to drive a Sagaris, and then drove the Tuscan S afterwards and much preferred it, so went down that route. They are all stunning cars – Sag or Tuscan S, though.

3) I Have been fortunate to have owned both cars, Tuscan S for 5 years & Sagaris for 3 years. Both superb cars. However, the Tuscan S was quicker. Both cars were predominantly used on track. A simple comparison at Croft track, Tuscan S had standard suspension, CR box with 3.73 diff & Pirelli Corsa track tyres. Best lap time 1:34.1. Sagaris, standard suspension no CR box 3.43 diff with Pirelli Corsa track tyres. Best lap 1:39.2. Sagaris with uprated suspension Nitron 3 ways with Eibach springs (set up By F1 mechanic at Silverstone), Mintex F4 pads, CR box with 3.91 diff, quicker steering & Pirelli Corsa track tyres. Best lap 1:33.8. I’m certain a Tuscan S with the latter Sagaris set up would easily shave 2 seconds off minimum to around 1:32.

4) When I changed my S to the Sagaris in 2006 I was astonished & dissapointed by the differance in performance which was vast. In addition, the suspension was too soft […]. It stunned me how fast the Tuscan S was when I first got my Sagaris in comparison when considering they have the same engine.