TVR Throne

TVR Throne


Deisgner Hussien Al Jammazi has envisioned an excellent and unique car concept named TVR Throne. The designer has given his maximum effort to make unique components for the car. Starting from the rear view mirrors through headlights to the front hood, everything has something extraordinary to offer to the viewers.

Looking at this car it seems the designer wanted to come back to pristine TVR creations: the glorious TVR n.2 (the oldest TVR today in existance) or the TVR Jomar, an older model than the well known TVR Grantura and which was built also as a sport spider.

This aerodynamic design comprises a V8 supercharged aluminum engine (which is positioned behind the seats, inside the wheelbase) that can generate 638 hp of power, well enough to go 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. Moreover, to make the car sustainable in hot countries, the designer has included a two-barrel carburetor.

The scenery

Just for curiosity: the TVR Throne is pictured in the Doge’s Palace in Venice.